Hello. My name is Kenneth John Odle and I make things for WordPress.

On this demo site, you can see my plugins in action, and also the themes that I have created. So far, I only have a single theme available here: Atticus Finch.

Comments on this site are disabled. If you would like to contact me, please use my contact form. If you have issues with a particular plugin, please create a new post about it in the plugin’s dedicated support forum on WordPress. (I have linked to the support forum on each plugin’s page.) As always, be sure to include a link to your site, unless you’re working in localhost or on a network that is not available publicly.

This site is running the latest version of WordPress (4.7.4 as of this writing) and the latest version of the Twenty Seventeen theme, so you can rest assured that these plugins and themes work with the latest edition of WordPress.

About the header image: I’m an amateur photographer who spends way too little time behind a camera. I took the above image in June of 2016. If you are interested, you can see the complete gallery here.