Welcome to the Atticus Finch Theme for WordPress

My name is Kenneth John Odle, and I developed this theme for use on my WordPress sites.

Features of Atticus Finch

Mobile Friendly

  • Completely responsive, including the menus
  • Choice of menu display (flat, dropdown, select) in mobile views

In this install, the top menu will display as a select menu, the main menu will display as a dropdown, and the footer menu will display as a flat menu.

Atticus Finch has an option to select the mobile break point.

Page Layout

The Atticus Finch theme features two columns. The sidebar occupies the left column and content fills the right.

In the mobile view, the sidebar will appear below the content, and both will be full width.


Atticus Finch supports three custom menu areas:

  • The top menu appears at the very top of the page.
  • The main menu appears between the header and the content.
  • The footer menu appears at the bottom of the page, before the copyright and WordPress info.

You can select how each menu will appear on mobile devices: as a flat menu, as a dropdown menu, or as a select menu.

Social Media Menu

A social media menu appears below the site title. Current options include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Amazon

Print Options

Although I rarely print anything to paper, I often save web pages as pdf files to view later. As a result, Atticus Finch is print friendly. There are two additional printing options:

  • Print the page URL at the end of the page/post
  • Print the copyright information at the end of the page/post

Here’s how the bottom of this page looks when printed:

Copyright Options

You can add your copyright easily with Atticus Finch. This will appear at the bottom of each page. You also have the option to print it at the end of each page/post.

Post Formats

Atticus Finch supports all nine WordPress post formats. The title of each features an icon unique to that post format. Click on any in the list below to see an example.

Note: For the Aside, Link, Quote, and Status post formats, Atticus Finch also provides the option of either displaying the excerpt or full content in archive pages (since these are suppose to be short, but you may have other purposes). Atticus Finch also has an option to display (or not display) the title on these posts.

View the blog page to see how these look as excerpts.

Widget Areas

Atticus Finch features 21 custom widget areas. You can add social sharing links or Google ads as easily as adding a text widget. Widget areas include:

  • Before Header
  • After Top Menu
  • Before Social Media
  • Before Primary Menu
  • After Header
  • Top of Container
  • Before Post Title
  • Top of Post
  • Bottom of Post
  • After Post Content (See the example at the bottom of this page.)
  • Before Post Meta
  • After Post Meta
  • Before Comments
  • After Comments
  • Before Comment Form
  • After Comment Form
  • Bottom of Container
  • Before Footer Menu
  • Top of Footer
  • Bottom of Footer
  • After Footer

Future Goals

I am continuing to develop this theme and plan to submit it the WordPress theme review team at some point. Future items I want to work on include:

  • Option to switch left and right columns
  • Add additional social media menu options
  • Option for alternate text for the “Powered by…” message
  • Incorporate Justin Tadlock’s idea for allowing multiple speakers in a chat post
  • Add an option to style external links in a manner similar to MediaWiki
  • Add an option to print (cleanly) url links when printing
  • Properly style submenu items whether or not they have a description
  • Add an option to use Google WebFonts

Plugin Note:

I am using the the WP Example Content plugin to create much of the sample content on this demo site.

Published on: January 21, 2017

Lasted edited on: January 22, 2017

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