d12 Message Blocks

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Writing a series of posts about something? Use this message block to unite them. You can also include links to categories, tags, or other pages or posts here.

In addition to WordPress, I also use MediaWiki a lot. One of the things I enjoy most about MediaWiki is that I can create templates to use as message blocks across a number of pages. I wanted something similar in WordPress, at least with regard to appearance. Since it didn’t exist, I created it. Grab a copy from the WordPress plugin repository.

There are two types of message blocks. The first type already have a title. You only need to supply a description. The second type require you to supply your own title. You also have options for the type of border, as well as a number of color palettesĀ to match your website.

Need additional documentation? It’s on my wiki.

Message Blocks with Titles

This article in a nutshell:

This is the demo page for the d12 Message Blocks WordPress plugin.

Update Information:

You can use this message block to highlight any changes you have made to a change or post, or to highlight changes to the software you are discussing.


Have files available to download? Use this message block to make them easy to find.

This page has been marked for deletion.

Thinking about deleting a page or post? Let your readers know before it happens.

This page has been mentioned here:

Getting good press somewhere? Use this message block to call it out.


Dangerous waters ahead? Let your readers know with this message block.


Is there an important step that people often miss? Use this message block to highlight it (and save a few calls to customer service).


Just want to call attention to something? Use this message block as a reminder.


Call attention to common errors with this message block.


Just want to provide a caution to your readers? Use this message block.

This page has been archived.

Going to archive an article? Call attention to it with this message block.

Message Blocks without Titles

Need Support?

If you need support with this plugin, please post a new topic to the plugin’s support forum. Include a link to your site, if possible. Yup, you can do this too.

Contact Me

Make it easy for your readers to find your contact information by putting it in this message box.

Ready for Translation!

Want to use this plugin in another language? It’s translation ready. All you need to do is localize it and upload your new language files to your server.

Environmentally Friendly

Have an environmental message you want to highlight? Use this message block to make it noticeable.


Use this message block to highlight something that needs to be included or accepted.

We Have Good Numbers

Have some good numbers you want to highlight? This message block is perfect for that.

New in Version 2.5

A message block with neither an icon nor a title.

Need a Title but no Icon?

It’s now possible.