He’s Dead Jim

Unfortunately, since this plugin only works on the backend of WordPress, it’s almost impossible to see it in action without installing it. You can get a copy from the WordPress plugin repository.

Here is the background to this plugin:

I created this plugin because I wanted to learn how to create a WordPress plugin. I figured the best way to do that was to find the simplest plugin out there and copy/paste/tinker.

I majored in biology in college, so dissecting things to see how they work is second nature to me. I also like to tinker on cars, so tweaking things to see how they work, and how to make them work better (or at least work the way I want them to work) is also part of my nature.

As it turns out, the “Hello Dolly” plugin which ships with WordPress is pretty simple. While I like Louis Armstrong, I loveStar Trek, so I created a plugin that echoes lines from Star Trek: The Original Series.

FWIW, I have designed this plugin to play nice with “Hello Dolly” if you like to use both of them. It will also place nice with both “Hello Dolly” and my other Star Trek-themed plugin: “Make It So”.

Interested? Download it from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

There are no settings for this plugin (as of now); simply install it and activate it.

There is some documentation available on my wiki.